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Litter Getters

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The Litter Getter Program will keep you earning prizes throughout your visits to California's state parks, and at the same time you'll be helping protect our wildlife.  You'll be helping to keep the parks clean while learning about how you can make a difference. Do more to reduce waste by bringing your own bag to collect litter.

You get a sticker for each bag of litter you collect, to put on your cool Litter Getter folder. When you've collected all the stickers, you'll earn your official Litter Getter "recycled money" or "recycled blue jeans" pencil. To find out more about becoming a Litter Getter, click here.

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After you collect litter, you can play the games and activities on your Litter Getter folder. You can also come back to this website, fill out a survey about the litter you collected, and see what Litter Getters are collecting across California.

Already collected litter?

Fill out the survey about the litter you collected by clicking here.
At the end of your survey you can print out a special Litter Getter activity!

To see some data about what Litter Getters are collecting across California, click here.