For Parents: More About Litter Getters.

Kids: Litter GetterYou can make a difference by helping to keep California's state parks clean, and at the same time you'll be helping to protect wildlife.

Want to Become a Litter Getter? Here's how:

 Use our handy guide to find a California state park that offers the Litter Getter program.

 Bring a bag you can reuse to collect litter, if you can.

 Visit the park and ask a ranger or other park person for an activity folder, and a litter bag if you didn't bring one.  

 Take the Litter Getter pledge

 Collect loose trash that you find in the park, such as food scraps, pieces of plastic and paper, and cigarette butts. Don't pick up anything sharp, and use a glove if the park person gave you one. Use the checklist on your folder to keep track of the kinds of trash you pick up, and you can report it later.

 Show a park person your filled litter bag, and receive six stickers for helping to keep our state parks clean! Place your stickers in the spots for them in the activity folder, and keep it to show to a park person the next time you participate in Litter Getters.

 To become a true Litter Getter, fill a second trash bag, either at the same park or a different park that offers the Litter Getter program.  Show the full bag and your activity folder to a park person, and you will receive a special Litter Getter prize. The park person will also sign your activity folder certificate, saying that you are now a Litter Getter!

Bird outside birdhouseBe sure to play the games and activities on your Litter Getter folder. They're fun, and you will discover more about how cleaning up can help wildlife.

Already collected litter? You can help us track what Litter Getters are collecting across California, and get a special Litter Getter activity.

Report what litter you collected by clicking here.

At the end of your survey you can print out a special Litter Getter activity!

To learn what Litter Getters are collecting across California, click here.