Become a Litter Getter. Here's how:

  • Use our handy guide to find a California state park that offers the Litter-Getter program.

  • Bring a bag you can reuse to collect litter, if you can.

  • Visit the park and ask a ranger or other park person for an instruction booklet, and a litter bag if you didn't bring one.  (The booklet also has activities you can do at the park or when you get home.)

  • Collect the loose trash that you find in the park: soda cans, scraps of paper, cigarette butts, etc. Don't pick up anything sharp, and use the glove if the park person gave you one.

  • Show a park person your filled litter bag, and receive a sticker for helping keep our state parks clean!

  • Place your stickers in the spots for them in the instruction booklet. Try to collect all six. If you do you'll be a TRUE Litter-Getter—and you'll earn a recycled money or recycled blue jeans pencil!