Kids in Parks

Bird on tree limb Exploring Nature in Your Neighborhood  -  NEW!
Get outside and have fun exploring nature, whether it's in a state park, your community park, or even your own backyard or neighborhood. There's lots to see and do out there, so check out these fun ideas.  Bet you'll be surprised by what you find!

Junior Rangers
Find out how you can become a junior ranger! There are special prizes to reward you for discovering the fun in many of California's state parks! We now offer a Junior Ranger Adventure Guide that you can print out.
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Litter Getters image Litter Getters
The Litter-Getter Program will keep you earning prizes throughout your visits to California State Parks, and at the same time you'll be helping protect our wildlife and keep the parks clean, while learning about how you can make a difference.


Agents of Discovery *NEW*
While you are visiting a state park do you want to connect with and learn more about the unique resources within the park through augmented reality technology? Agents of Discovery is a place-based educational augmented reality app easily played by families, individuals, or K-12 students from mobile devices. To learn more about this free, innovative, and fun app, visit our Agents of Discovery webpage.
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Book worm icon Summer Learning Program
Do you participate in an after-school program or community program like Boys and Girls Clubs or YMCA? If so, then your teachers or counselors might sign up your group to join the Summer Learning Program. Through the Summer Learning Program you will explore the outdoors and cultural and natural resources of a state park through a day or overnight immersive program.

Junior Lifeguards
Want to become a California State Parks Junior Lifeguard? Or maybe you just want to learn more about being safe and having fun in the water. Or explore the history of the lifeguards that work in our state parks. You can find all of this and more by following the link below.
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Online Adventures Icon Online Adventures
Download activity pages and have fun! California State Parks Online Adventures teach you about state parks while doing things you enjoy. Click on the link below to start your journey.